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  • Metal
  • Druid Green
  • Constant

With fret-decimating power, guitarist Brett Miller's third solo record "Metal" unleashes it's elemental fury into the charred corpses of it's enemies. This EP's six tracks retain and showcase Brett's unique and slightly twisted sense of melody, as well as the heaviness and harmonic sophistication his guitar fans have come to expect - but with a tighter and leaner instrumentation than his previous releases.

The spell that "Metal" weaves is conjured from a mix of heavy metal and fusion, and fans of both styles will welcome it's potency. Artisanal riffsmanship and a tasteful usage of odd time signatures lend this offering a progressive feel as well, without diluting it's identity as a heavy, virtuoso guitar record.

With the release of Brett's second record, "Druid Green", was a new, distinct style of virtuoso metal guitar summoned from beyond?

Epic and orchestral in it's scope and arrangements, "Druid Green" features amateur-annihilating playing and writing, multi-faceted composition, and balls-laden riffage. More sophisticated than a traditional shred guitar album, but retaining the speed and showmanship that the style is known for, Brett's sophomore record is both brutal and beautiful - a must have for fans of both metal and instrumental guitar.

With his first solo effort, Brett Miller began to lay the foundation for the unique, metal-infused guitar records that are his Sign and Seal. Heavy and melodic, featuring raw, fast shredding - as well as sophisticated and tasteful phrasing and writing - "Constant" is a mage-flame blast to the face of traditional, weak-riffed, weak-willed guitar albums and their writers.

The fire is summoned straight from the first track (the mid-tempo metal groove of "Thordraalg Gnaarl") straight through to the last (the quirky "Jamulus vs. Tokyo"), showcasing not only the guitarist's interest in Fantasy elements and High Strangeness, but his sense of humor as well. Throughout this journey, you'll encounter high-speed, intense, and passionate guitar playing at every bend in the road - a hallmark of Brett's music to this day.